How Long To Date Before Marriage

Dating is a significant step in a romantic relationship in which both partners evaluate their suitability for each other. It comprises those relevant activities the couple does to comprehend whether they should move forward with their relationship and get married.

Why do most couples get engaged? Now imagine you understand each other’s notions, aims, and every quality or inferiority; suddenly, you hear wedding bells ringing on you. Your brain asks you to hold and think more about it, but your heart is willing to make your partner permanently yours.

Dating to marriage timeline is too complex. Till engagement, everything is okay, but marriage is way more convoluted if you haven’t that understanding yet. The courtship length depends on how much time you want to give to your relationship.

If you are upon the actual purpose of dating, which is to understand someone before tying the knot along with the ultimate objective of getting married successfully, evaluating courtship length is no more a challenge. On a genuine note, love is a hot matter; the more you dig, the more you know about its consequences.

How Long To Date Before Marriage?

In a study by Professor Ted L. Huston, Penn State University, 168 couples were examined for over fourteen years to find how much couples were satisfied in their relationship. According to its results, the pairs who dated for an average of twenty-five years were considered happy after marriage.

The researchers from Emory University also studied about three thousand couples. They found that couples who married after three or more years of dating are 39% less likely to get divorced. From knowing about the average dating time before engagement statistics, it is clear that the dating span differs for each couple.

Whether you are engaged after a year or a few months, the average dating time before marriage differs for every couple and has different results. Some relationships over even after dating for a long time before marriage, while some end within four months; it all depends on how you perceive your partner. 

Different people have different opinions. You may hear people telling you, “you are doing so early,” “you need more time,” “isn’t it taking too long to propose-are you, sure?” and many phrases. But no one can better know when you should get married.

How Long Does the Average Relationship Last: What Length of Dating Before Marriage Statistics?

During the 1960s and ‘70s, couples began to delay their marriage so that they have a good time with their partner while they fulfilled their personal goals. Those years brought revolutionary change for every couple. Knowing your partner should be the primary agenda. Married life could become your biggest problem without knowing your partner. It’s not about how much you are experienced with your marriage. The average dating will remain the same whether you’re going for first marriage or second marriage. 

Even if you are engaged after a year of dating, you should take time before marriage as it’s the final stage of a relationship. There is no ideal time to date as a good relationship isn’t bound to time, as suggested by Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist. 

The Bridebook, a popular wedding planning website, surveyed 4,000 people in 2017, and the result was that an average relationship lasts about 4.9 years before the couple goes for a marriage.

What should be the average time to propose? In British, people take about an average of 1 year and eight months to propose. Some relationships may end shortly, within 2-3 months as well. Only a few months are enough to know each other’s personalities.

How Long Do Couples Wait To Get Married In 2023?

The journey from becoming friends to getting into a relationship and then doing engagement followed by marriage to becoming partner finally is short for some, while longer for others. When you know it’s time to get married, but you can’t for any reason perplex your mind. The last two years were challenging for couples who have planned to get married. Many of them were forced to postpone their engagement and marriage. Many couples go through the waiting phase. According to The Knot 2021 study, the U.S. couple’s average engagement length was found to be 16 months. The engagement span usually lies between 12-18 months. During this pandemic, people remained engaged for about 24 months after postponing their marriage.

10 Tips to Help You Know You’re Ready to Get Married 

You need quality time with your partner before entering the institution of marriage. One or two years of dating is considered to be a good amount of time before you get engaged, as suggested by Ian Kerner, Ph.D., LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist and couple therapist. But the question is, when should you get married? Here are some tips to know when you’re ready to get married.

  • When you understand why you want to get married or are satisfied with your relationship. 
  • You trust your partner eternally. It’s like a foundation for a successful relationship.
  • You realize your partner has assisted you in your hard times as well.
  • Now you feel safe and secure in your relationship. You live stress-free.
  • Introducing your partner to the family is an excellent task. If your family members like your partner and agree with your decision, you are going the right way.
  • You can openly talk with your partner about your plans. Your partner also shares their honest thoughts on it without hesitating.
  • You both start putting ultimate effort into the relationship willingly. It is a good sign that indicates marriage should be the next move.
  • You enjoy your partner’s company and don’t want to lose them at any cost. They hold a significant value in your life.
  • You resolve even the smallest issue and conflicts to sustain the positive vibes of being in a relationship. You focus more on long-term plans together.
  • You remain incredibly happy with your partner. You and your partner consistently make each other happy in difficult times.


Being in a relationship, you build core pillars that will support your marriage in the future. Dating is the essential step, with the help of which you make time to understand your partner. You also conclude if you want to get married to the person you’ve been in a relationship with.



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